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Mosaic: a miniature (2014) 

for horn trio 

 (violin, horn, piano)


chosen as one of ten winners in Red Hedgehog Trio's 10x10 Call for Scores

premiered February 15, 2015 during

the 10x10 Upstreet Festival

at the Whitney Center for the Arts 

in Pittsfield, MA

Performers: Marjorie Gere, violin

                                   Marina Krickler, horn

                                  Dan Sedgwick, piano

Program Note 

Square yet spry, Mosaic was composed spontaneously on December 1, 2014 (immediately upon completion of my doctoral applications) in response to the Red Hedgehog Trio's 10x10 Call for Scores.  It was given a lovely premiere at the Whitney Center for the Arts in Pittsfield, MA, alongside nine other delightful miniatures by fellow composers Probyn Gregory, Patrick Greene, Anne-Maria Turcotte, Ed Fogaça, Joshua Hahn, D. Edward Davis, Christos Farmakis, Raphael Atlas, and Chris Neiner. 

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